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Welcome to Asynchronous Operations

TechEd Europe 2009 Session "Parallel Programming for Embedded" by Asaf Shelly




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This session is for the general public since Multi-Core for Windows Embedded is only based on Windows XP / Windows 7 today. The session talks about embedded systems because these systems have always supported parallel work and the concepts and design patterns are well founded. The session has no code samples so every programmer can benefit from it.


This site deals with the various aspects of parallel computing including multi-core programming and grid computing, with acknowledgement of the Multicore League.

What used to belong to unique experts and specialists a year ago is about to become common practice for everyone. Parallel computing is not a library that we install, it is not a tool that we use, and there is no wizard to do the work for us.

Working in the parallel world means thinking in parallel, designing in parallel and working according to this new design. It changes the way we code and debug, it changes the way we design and it all start with a change in system architecture. You cannot get good results with old school architecture and some sort of a parallel language! Good architecture however may include parallel infrastructure and serial user code.

Generally speaking most solutions we see today have long existed at the 1970's and even before that. We have only discovered the relics of what was once a flourishing civilization of parallel programmers. Welcome to the Renaissance


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The tutorial given here is largely based on my five day course. It starts with simple API definitions and expands over Design Patterns and libraries.


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